Thyroid surgery is generally done by putting a neck incision overlying the enlarged thyroid gland region in the front of the neck. The size of the incision or the scar depends on the expertise of the thyroid surgeon. After the surgery is over the neck cut is sutured back. The cut line heals with a visible scar in the neck. In some patients the scar get thickened due to healing issues. Young female patients needing thyroid surgery will end up with a visible scar in the neck.

Concept of scar less surgery –

The problem of thyroid swelling is more commonly seen in young females starting from pubertal age to early thirties. This can be due to increased hormonal needs or a thyroid cancer. The thyroid surgery needs to be done either because it’s a cancer or due to cosmetic issues.  In the conventional method of thyroid surgery, the scar is placed on front of the neck in the natural skin crease to expose the gland and remove the tumor. The wound is than sutured and the scar heals within a weeks times. The quality of the scar varies with someone getting a thick and irregular scar while other may get a thin visible scar. So the scar is definitely visible in neck. This is a matter of real concern especially in young females.

The concept of scar less thyroid surgery has been evolved to address this concern of visible scar of thyroid surgery in young females. The entire thyroid surgery is done as usual but the scar of the surgery is completely hidden and non visible.

The most advanced method of scarless thyroid surgery is wherein the scar is place inside the mouth. The entire procedure is done with the help of robot. The cuts inside the mouth heals completely without any problems. The food intake continues through mouth after surgery as usual.  The benefits of this procedure are – completely scar less surgery, no neck drains are required to be placed, early discharge and painless.

Surgical steps.

Conventional Thyroid Scar

Position of the endoscope

Who can be benefited

All patients of thyroid swelling between 2-3 cms can be offered this procedure. This technique can also be used for those requiring removal of one side (hemi thyroidectomy) or both side thyroid lobes (total thyroidectomy)


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