Minimal Invasive Surgery

Dr. Siddharth Shah M.B.B.S, M.S. (E.N.T)

Minimal access or invasive head and neck surgeries involves operating via small access with he help of either laparoscope or robot.

The advantages of these approach is avoid larger scars, faster recovery, surgery under direct vision with magnification.  In case of robotic surgery, there is an additional benefit of precision. The surgery is also done faster and the overall hospital stay of the patient is reduced. The oncologic outcomes of the surgery are not compromised.

The various minimal access / invasive surgeries done include

  • Endoscopic assisted surgery for nose and sinus cancers 
  • Endoscopic assisted surgery for skull base tumors (e.g pituitary tumors, craniopharyngioma)
  • Endoscopic assisted head and neck surgery (scarless head and neck surgery)
  • Robotic assisted surgery for throat cancers (base of tongue, soft palate, tonsil)
  • Robotic thyroid and parathyroid surgery