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Health & Environment Benefits of Quitting Tobacco

By Leading Oral Cancer Surgeon

One of the major factor for the oral cancer is the use of tobacco.

NO TOBACCO DAY A celebration disguised from WHO on 31st May with a conception of stopping the use of Tobacco!

The Body you live upon is the reason you survive!

With the belief that the threat from tobacco can be relived and adversely helping peoples to cure their health.
The Environment suffering from Tobacco through
        - Ecosystem Damage due to Tobacco Farming
        - Environmental Pollution Soil Pollution due to Farming
        - Air Pollution due to increase of harmful CO2 gases

Researching the benefits of STOPPING TOBACCO?

A better and improvised surface inhibiting to:
        - Personal health
        - Social Health
        - Economic Health
Some Facts and Myths.
1. Facts - RESULTS with PATIENCE

        - Within 24 hrs - blood pressure improves
        - Within 1st week - lung functions improve
        - Within 1 month - coughing and short breathe improve, reduced chance of lung infection
        - Within 1 year - risk of heart disease reduced to half as compared to tobacco users
        - Within 5 years - reduced risk for oral, throat, oesophagus and bladder cancer to half.
        - Reduces risk of stroke drastically than tobacco users.
        - Within 10 yrs - reduces risk of lung cancer to half compared to tobacco users.

2. Myths about Tobacco uses

- Tobacco doesnt lead to cancer. If I leave tobacco I will definitely develop cancer. Its not possible to quit ever. I cant quit
- Even non tobacco users get cancers
- Smoking is just a choice.
- Its too late to quitthe damage is already done.
- An occasional cigarette is no big deal.

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