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Throat Cancer Surgery
Laryngeal (larynx) cancer surgery
Throat Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad
Dr Siddharth Shah

Throat Cancer Surgeon

Throat cancer that is confined to the surface of the throat or the vocal cords may be treated surgically using endoscopy. In minimally invasive surgery, endoscope is inserted into your throat or voice box and then pass special surgical tools or a laser through the scope.

Throat Cancer Surgery is commonly used to treat throat (laryngeal and hypopharyngeal) cancers. Depending on the type, stage, location of the cancer, and other tissues involved, different operations might be used to remove the cancer and sometimes other tissues near the larynx or hypopharynx.

Throat Cancer Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Throat cancer surgeon in Ahmedabad - Dr. Siddharth Shah is an expert and best head and neck cancer surgeon in Gujarat. He is expert in treatment of early and advanced throat cancers.His core expertise includes, Trans OralRobotic Surgery(TORS) management of early tonsil, soft palateand tongue base cancers. He is also an expert in management of throat cancers with lasers. He offers screening services for early detection of throat cancers. He also offers counselling for deaddiction.

Throat Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad

Looking for throat cancer surgery in Ahmedabad? Dr Siddharth Shah is a leading throat cancer surgeon in ahmedabad and renowned for endoscopic throat cancer surgery in ahmedabad. With the core focus of performing minimally invasive and scarless throat cancer surgeries, he is one of the most trusted and experienced throat cancer surgeon in Gujarat.

Painful mouth opening, non-healing ulcer, change of voice, difficulty in swallowing, difficulty in breathing, oral bleeding, ear ache, nasal bleeding and nasal blockage.

Primarily throat cancers are management with a combination radiation and chemotherapy. Surgery is generally reserved for primary treatment failures. For early disease, TORS (trans oral robotic surgery) is preferred over radiation and chemotherapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Throat Cancer Surgery
1. What is throat cancer?

It’s a cancer arising from tissuelining of throat that includes area behind nose, tonsil, back of tongue, soft palate and upper part of food passage.

2. What causes throat cancer?

Tobacco and its products are the main factors responsible for majority of cases. For certain cases, EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) and HPV (human papilloma virus) may lead to development of cancer behind nose and tonsil respectively.

3. Is there any relation to sexual practice and throat cancer?

Yes. In Western countries people are more engaged in promiscuous and oral sex activity. This is the main factor for getting infected with HPV. HPV is known to cause throat cancer.

4. Is throat cancer curable?

Throat cancer is curable if detected early and treated timely. Especially if that’s non tobacco origin it has higher cure rates.

5. Can throat cancer be treated robotically?

Early cancers of tonsils, base of tongue and soft palate can be effectively treated by robotic surgery. It’s a very safe procedure without any major morbidity and early recovery. It can also be done evenif the patients have residual tumors post radiation and chemotherapy treatment. In certain primary cases the robotic surgery allows deescalation of the radiation treatment thus reducing radiation side effects.